Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Chillin Like A Villian

Hi Everybody,
Nothing much going on here right now. I'm just trying to get through the "Dog Days". Here's a free tip for all you pooches out there...the bathroom floor = instant air conditioning.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Wii Frisbee Dog, Sadly Not for Dogs

Dad brought home a new video game last night called Wii Resort Sports. Mom really wanted to play Frisbee Dog. I was so excited. Finally! We get to play frisbee inside! I love frisbee in the back yard. I like to trick Mom and Dad. They throw the frisbee and I try to catch it with my paws. When I finally get ahold of it, I pretend that I'm going to retrieve it, then I run right past them. Did I say past them? I run circles around them. Okay, back to the game. I was all excited to run around the house, trying to catch the frisbee, but there was no frisbee! They kept teasing me. They just pretended to throw the frisbee. I hate the teasing game :( I did like the sounds and the colors, and everything seemed to move really fast. And there was barking. Barking? I couldn't figure out why there was barking. The teasing game was bad enough, but they were playing with another dog. I couldn't smell it, but I know it was there. Anyway, I guess that overall I have to recommend that game. But not on a sunny day. If it's nice outside, take your dog outside to play real frisbee. Sloppy kisses til next time.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Exciting Discovery

Hi Everybody!

I'd like to share my exciting discovery with you. It's been a busy night. I think I just might burst from excitement. After 5 years in darkness, I have finally seen the light! Now I know what all those other dogs at the park were talking about... today I drank out of the toilet for the first time. This is truly my home. I have not one, but two water bowls at my disposal. Well, not totally. After my brief sip I was discovered by my dad who promptly ratted me out to my mom. She's no fun. She closed the lid shutting me out of that cool clear bowl of refreshment. I'm sure I'll get another taste soon enough. I can't wait until they go to sleep tonight. I've been sleeping on the bathroom tiles lately, so they won't notice a thing. They'll just think I'm trying to keep cool.